Helping private K-12 schools and colleges turn quality food service into a strategic financial tool.

Pedestal Foods® is a unique managed food service company, specialized for the unique challenges of private schools. From executive chefs to line cooks, our team is dedicated to improving our organizations’ operations, budget, and bottom line.

We help our clients:

  • Improve school recruitment and retention
  • Transform outdated dining spaces into modern, efficient gathering places
  • Manage school dining services with end-to-end services
  • Improve program profitability
  • Create, market, and promote customized menus
  • Establish and promote healthy eating habits at school
  • Attract national brands to food-court settings (colleges only)
teacher and students talking at lunch table

Join the Pedestal Foods Team

We’re growing our team at all levels, from line cooks and cashiers to chefs, managers, and sales staff.

teacher and students talking at lunch table

Our Ultimate Mission: “To Be a Blessing to All We Serve.”

We help private schools get more bang for their food service buck.

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Pedestal Foods is Part of the Lumina Foods® Family of Companies.