Meet the Lumina Foods® Family of Companies

While each Lumina Foods company is technically a standalone business, they all share knowledge, leadership, and values in order to operate more efficiently and effectively for our customers.

What Makes a Lumina Foods Company Different?

Our companies and brands are:

Innovative and Specialized.

Our unique structure gives us the freedom to create “specialist” brands with a niche, narrow focus for big results.


Our “Be a Blessing” culture is baked into every level of every brand, from the C-suite to the delivery truck to the salad bar.

Super Efficient.

Our companies are connected by a shared, well-oiled HR, operations, marketing and administrative machine to dramatically shrink costs and boost efficiency across the board.

Always Improving.

We’re obsessed with learning and evolving. We encourage feedback and work every day to streamline our processes and find new ways to make an impact.

Part of an Ecosystem.

We draw on the specialties of each Lumina Foods business to build capabilities in the others, leveraging intelligence and best practices to make each one more efficient and profitable. 

People Focused.

We grow talent across all of our companies, helping people cross-train, develop new skills, and assume new roles to find the right career fit. 

Nobody Does Food Service Like We Do.

We’re pretty proud to be a category of one.

teacher and students talking at lunch table

Ready for a Career With Meaning?

We’re always looking for dedicated, growth-minded folks to expand our teams.