About Us

Innovation Meets Intention.

Lumina Foods® is a uniquely structured food service company built to launch, grow, and operate specialized food service concepts that help businesses—and people—thrive.

We believe food service is one of the most versatile and creative industries in our economy today, constantly evolving and ripe for innovation. In it, we find endless opportunities to fulfill our mission to be a blessing to those we serve.

Whether it’s boosting convenience store profits with a turn-key food service concept or helping private schools attract new families with a modern dining space and branded menus, we’re committed to helping our clients reach their business and operational goals through food.

teacher and students talking at lunch table
teacher and students talking at lunch table

We believe—and we’ve proven time and time again—that efficient, high quality food service is a great tool for growing your business.

Founded in 1992 by president and CEO Britt Hunt, Lumina Foods has organically grown from a 10-truck distribution business to a multi-brand, multi-discipline, integrated food service company. Every step of our growth has been intentional, as we seek and create companies and concepts that have a natural synergy with the others. It’s all about adding the “next right business” along the way to support, evolve, and grow our impact as we stretch to serve our customers in new and creative ways.

Today, our portfolio touches all corners of the food service industry, allowing us to draw on intelligence and best practices from each sector to make every Lumina Foods company the best it can be.

We like to think of it as cross-training our brands for efficiency and growth.

Our brands share more than expertise and ideas; they also share an operational infrastructure, freeing us to get creative with our concepts, specialize for service, boost business stability, grow talent, and shrink operating costs. It’s our “secret sauce” for creating game-changing value and efficiency for our clients and, ultimately, their customers.

teacher and students talking at lunch table
teacher and students talking at lunch table

Nobody else does food service quite like we do. We’re pretty proud to be a category of one.

Behind our unique structure and results, our culture is the real engine behind our success. We’re a God-Centered company with a singular, distinctive mission that’s also a way of life. “Being a Blessing” starts with each and every human in our company.

We invest the time and resources to attract the best people and nurture their professional and personal growth throughout their tenure with us, from the C-suite to the kitchen staff.

As a company built on innovation, we believe that the best ideas are born in the field. Every Lumina Foods team member is encouraged to truly own their role and use it to make an impact on the company and in the lives of those we serve. There’s a reason so many folks have been with us for decades; we go out of our way to create a positive work environment, offer continuous opportunities for advancement, appreciate their contributions, and take great care of our people.

teacher and students talking at lunch table
teacher and students talking at lunch table

We’re proud of our success as a company, but even prouder of the success we’ve been able to spark for others.

Helping people, communities, and businesses thrive across the Southeast and Midwest is our joy and our honor. We’re grateful every day for this journey and excited for the blessings to come.

Ready for a Career That Loves You Back?

From hourly and seasonal positions to executive leadership roles, there’s a place in the Lumina Foods family for you.