Lumina Foods® is a
Food Service Company
Blessing to Our Customers
God-centered Business
Brand Incubator
Food Service Company

Lumina Foods® is a Food Service Company


About Lumina Foods

Lumina Foods is an integrated food service company with a mission to be a blessing to all we serve.
We launch, grow and operate distinctive food service concepts designed to help businesses thrive.
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Ready For a Career With Meaning?

Find opportunities to be a blessing AND grow your career through leadership, sales, food service or support services as part of the Lumina Foods team.
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Ready to boost your bottom line? 

Transform your business with smart, innovative food service brands, concepts, and services.

Want to make an impact through partnership?

Put our brand or service in K-12 schools, universities, convenience stores, and more.

Synergy by Design.

We operate not as a conglomerate, but as an ecosystem of brands from all corners of the food service industry. Our companies share resources, knowledge and infrastructure to make each one stronger and more efficient, so we can achieve bigger results for our clients.

Pedestal Foods®
Managed Food Service

J. Walken Chicken
Turn-key food service for convenience stores.

TBHC Delivers®
Hunt Brothers® Pizza Distribution and Support

Get to know our brands

Nobody Does Food Service Like We Do.

Our companies help people, communities and businesses thrive across the Southeast and Midwest.

We’re an Innovation Incubator

We’re constantly thinking up new ways to help our customers grow business through smart, strategic food service strategies.

Built for Cross-Trained Brands

We leverage intelligence and best practices from across the industry to make every Lumina Foods company the best it can be.

Driven by a God-Centered Culture

We bake our values into every brand we build and strive to be a blessing to all we serve.

Powered by Our Mutual Infrastructure

Our unique “Shared Backbone” structure frees us to get creative with our concepts, specialize for service, boost business stability, grow talent, shrink operating costs and execute with unparalleled efficiency.

teacher and students talking at lunch table

Curious About How Strategic Food Service Can Boost Your Bottom Line?